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Project governance

Governance structure of LiveSeeding project includes Project Coordinator, Project Scientific Coordinator, Communication Coordinator, Executive Committee and IPR Board. Project governance is responsible for the coordination of various project activities and progress, as well as for ensuring the administrative, financial and scientific coherence of the project.

Executive Committee (ExCom):

The Executive Committee is the supervisory body responsible for the execution of the project, and for steering Innovation Management. Chaired by the Project Coordinator, it is composed of the WP co-leaders and the Innovation Management team.
The ExCom functions include monitoring the project development of each WP, ensuring that the activities and events of the different WPS are well coordinated, sharing updates of critical risks and mitigating measures in their respective WPs as well as an active contribution to exploitation of key results and pathway to impact in order to reach the targeted indicators and communication with the REA project reviewers.

IPR board:

Intellectual Property Rights board is an advisory body responsible to develop shared strategies and IPR guidelines to manage and exploit new IPR jointly generated within the project.

IPRs board members are:

Name Organisation Role / Expertise
Mariano Iossa FiBL Europe, BE LiveSeeding Project Coordinator
Monika Messmer FiBL, CH Leader of the Group Plant Breeding
LiveSeeding Scientific Coordinator
Mariateresa Lazzaro FiBL, CH Deputy leader of the Group Plant Breeding
LiveSeeding Innovation Management Team
Riccardo Bocci Rete Semi Rurali, IT Agronomist and genetic resources conservation expert
Maria Carrascosa RcxAe, ES Agronomic Engineer, Spanish seed network board member
Ana-Marija Spicnagel IPS Konzalting, HR Communication expert
Advisory board:

International advisory board is composed of external advisors of different disciplines to endure unbiased and continuous assessment of project results, outcomes and impact, according to their expertise.

Board members are:

Name Organisation Role / Expertise
Bram Weijland Bejo Zaden BV, NL Organic program coordinator at Bejo Zaden: breeding and seed production
Micaela Colley Organic Seed Alliance, USA Leader of OSA research and education programs focused on organic seed production and organic plant breeding
Marcos Lana Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SE Board member of Agroecology Europe
Maria Rosa Mondardini Citizen Science Center Zurich, CH Manager of co-created Citizen Science projects
Peijpin Schreinemakers World Vegetable Center, TW Lead Specialist – Impact. International vegetable breeding
Jean Marc Audergon INRAE-Avignon InnOBreed scientific coordinator

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