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Synthesis of the LIVESEED’s results is available in the full report: D6.3 Policy and stakeholder recommendations to boost organic seed & breeding sector

The main objectives were addressed in different Work Packages:

Highlights and key results of the LIVESEED project are:
  • EU‐wide router database for organic seed to feed into national databases
  • In‐depth analysis to overcome political bottlenecks and derived regulatory and policy measures to increase the production and use of organic seed
  • Organic cultivar testing protocols and models developed for characterization of heterogeneous populations and notification of organic heterogeneous material release of organic varieties adjusted for organic production post‐release on‐farm cultivar testing under organic conditions
  • Case by case toolbox of 5 elements for identification and description of OHM for notification
  • Cost‐efficient decentralized on farm testing networks supported by citizen science tools
  • Increased awareness of seed quality specifications in the organic sector
  • Collection of smart practices related to organic seed production
  • Innovative approaches of organic plant breeding
  • Implementation of breeding for diversity for development of organic cultivar mixtures, composite cross and dynamic population, and for developing material suitable for  annual cereal – legume mixtures, perennial lucerne‐grass mixtures
  • Improved understanding on plant microbe interaction and holobiont based breeding strategies
  • Development of phenotypic screening tools and molecular markers for tolerance against complex soil borne diseases in  pea, smut  resistance  in  wheat, anthracnose,  calcinoses  and  alkaloid  content  in  lupines
  • New European breeding networks supporting small  organic  breeders  and  seed  producers
  • Improved breeding populations and cultivars  selected  for  and  under  organic  farming  conditions
  • Increased understanding of organic  consumer  attitudes  to  the  use  of  new  breeding  techniques

Main outcomes of the LIVESEED project:

1. Developed Roadmap towards 100% organic seed of adjusted cultivars in Europe

2. Recommendations for key stakeholders and policy makers to reach 100% organic seed of adjusted cultivars in Europe

LIVESEED project has been featured in the video of the European Commission „How can research contribute to policymaking?“.

LIVESEED is presented as a successful example of an EU-funded project being based on the in-depth assessment of the legal framework, challenges and opportunities, as well as the needs of all stakeholders!
Find out how basing policy making on research contributes to finding the right solutions for specific problems in the video:

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