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WP6 – Market and society supported organic breeding

LIVESEEDING is aware of the importance of involving all the actors of the value chains in organic breeding, including citizens and with special attention to Alternative Food Networks (AFN). In this scenario an important role can be played by cities that in recent years pay more attention to local food policies and food education. Working within real value chains (through Living Labs) and involving all the actors, LIVESEEDING will develop narratives dedicated to citizens, labels on the new products based on OHM and OV, and specific strategies for market and society supported breeding. Consumers and citizens will also be involved in tasting trials using citizen science tools. Bringing back diversity into food systems by breeding implies a system of demonstration and testing sites, in different environmental and social conditions, able to develop and validate innovation in a participatory manner. The project will dedicate effort to strengthen such a network, based on already ongoing on farm sites managed by the partners.

WP6 will focus on the involvement of the value chain, including local food policies and citizens as pull factors to increase the demand of products from high diversity cultivars on the market. This will contribute to the practical exploitation of the project in terms of marketing strategies.

Main objective of WP6 is promoting and developing a breeding supported by market and society.

T 6.1. Increase awareness of organic breeding benefits for the society and environment
T 6.2. Involving citizens and cities for increasing organic seed consumption
T 6.3. Cross fertilisation among as for developing market & society supported organic breeding
T 6.4. On-farm demonstrations, training and knowledge sharing events
T 6.5. Exploitation of results for marketing and value-chains development

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