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WP4 – Improve organic seed market transparency

As for EC 848/2018, derogations for use of non-organic seed will be out of scope in 2036. Until now only seven countries work with a no-derogation list and in many countries the organic seed databases do not fulfil the regulations requirements.

The continued granting of derogations for non-organic seeds in the organic sector discourages entrepreneurship in organic seed. There are big differences between countries with respect to the development of the organic seed market and the implementation of the regulations for granting derogations, and proportion of organic and farm saved seed, which will be followed up by LIVESEEDING to monitor the progress made. LIVESEEDING will increase the transparency of the organic seed market by providing a data collecting scheme for national organic seed databases, improve the features of EU wide router database, as central platform for seed suppliers to indicate their organic seed supply including OV and OHM and provide API with national databases. Capacity building for national authorities and knowledge exchange on policy outcomes will harmonise the implementation of the organic regulation. In cooperation with examination offices, the CPVO and breeders, input will be provided for the upcoming temporary experiment on official release of OV. LIVESEEDING will provide European and national authorities and stakeholders with validated recommendations and proof-of-concepts of notification protocols building on toolbox and guidelines, and OHM seed lots traceability. These activities will create an enabling environment for the increase of organic seed suppliers, especially in Eastern and Southern Europe. The harmonised implementation of the new organic regulation, increased availability of organic seed via the national and EU wide router database, associated to the expected increase of organic farm area in Europe (Farm to Fork strategy) substantiate LIVESEEDING foreseen impact in terms of organic seed uptake and buy-in by farmers.

WP4 will address market transparency in terms of organic seed demand and supply monitoring and by supporting national authorities and policy makers with tools (EU router database) and strategies (roadmap) to reach 100 % organic seed.

Main objective of WP4 is to enable a transparent organic seed market.

T 4.1. Monitoring EU organic seed sector development
T 4.2. Capacity building for national authorities across Europe to reach 100% organic seed
T 4.3. Market replication of the European Router Database (
T 4.4. Unlock project outcomes to policymakers
T 4.5. Train the trainers in capacity building activities

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