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Deliverables & publications
WP1 Increase and manage crop diversity (pre-breeding & breeding)
D1.1 Training materials on organic plant breeding
D1.2 Characterization of genetic resources publicly available
D1.3 Report on validated phenotypic and genotyping screening tools for various crops and traits
D1.4 Summary on breeding progress for OHM and OV
WP2 Advancing Organic Cultivar Testing
D2.1 Platform for on-farm cultivar testing in EU accessible on web and mobile app stores
D2.2 Guidelines for OHM notification
D2.3 Proposed protocols for adjusted DUS and VCU for OVs of selected crop species in the scope of the temporary EU experiment on OV
D2.4 Training materials on organic cultivar testing
D2.5 Synthesis of cultivar evaluation case-studies, recommendations, and follow-up plans
WP3 Seed production, seed sourcing, seed quality & health
D3.1 Digital tool for the notification, and traceability of OHM seed
D3.2 Training material on healthy, high-quality seed
D3.3 Guidelines for quality and diversity management of OHM seed
D3.4 Results on case studies following the organic seed health strategy
D3.5 Effect of seed microbiome on seedling vigour and resilience
WP4 Improve organic seed market transparency
D4.1 Updated and improved roadmap/decision tree to reach 100% organic seed
D4.2 Training materials for train the trainers in reaching 100% organic seed
D4.3 Compilation of policy briefs on enabling strategies to promote organic seed and plant breeding covering different aspects – batch 1 (contains 2 policy briefs)
D4.4 Status-quo of organic seed supply and demand across Europe
D4.5 Report on market replication of the European Router database
D4.6 Compilation of policy briefs on enabling strategies to promote organic seed and plant breeding covering different aspects – batch 2 (contains 3 policy briefs)
WP5 Exploitation: horizontal proliferation and scaling-up organic seed and breeding initiatives
D5.1 Report on bottlenecks and opportunities for the horizontal proliferation and scaling-up of the organic seeds and cultivar testing network
D5.2 Report on financing and governance models for organic breeding initiatives
D5.3 Training materials for organic seed and breeding entrepreneurship training centre
D5.4 Report on the outcome of the European Task Force for OPB financing
D5.5 Business models and business plans for proliferation and scaling-up organic seed, breeding and cultivar testing network
WP6 Market and society supported organic breeding
D6.1 Report on communication strategies, new narratives and science-based data on ecological, societal and economic benefits of organic breeding
D6.2 Manual about integrating organic seeds and breeding in local sustainable and healthy food policies
D6.3 Report on key factors of success for value chain and society supported organic plant breeding
D6.4 Label based marketing strategies for food products derived from OHM and OVs.
D6.5 A compiled report from on-farm demonstration, trainings and knowledge sharing events
WP7 Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation
D7.1 Plan for the Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication of Results – PEDR (M06)
D7.2 LIVESEEDING project website and social media
D7.3 Plan for the Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication of Results – PEDR (M24)
D7.4 Compilation of dissemination and communication materials (M24)
D7.5 Practice Abstracts – batch 1 (contains 5 practice abstracts)
D7.6 Report on training activities and training materials incl. summer school uploaded on ECO-PB’s website
D7.7 Practice Abstracts – batch 2 (contains 10 practice abstracts)
D7.8 Compilation of dissemination and communication materials (M48)
WP8 Project coordination
D8.1 Internal platform for communication and data exchange
D8.2 Project Management guidelines
D8.3 Ethics Issues & Non-European compliance
D8.4 Protection of personal data & recruitment of stakeholders
D8.5 Data Management Plan (M06)
D8.6 Data Management Plan (M36)
D8.7 Data Management Plan (M46)
WP9 Innovation management
D9.1 Report on Internal and external interoperability of LIVESEEDING digital tools
D9.2 Synthesis report and recommendations

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