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Digital tool OHMTrack

Oct 31, 2023

Within LiveSeeding, AEDIT srl is developing a new digital tool “OHMTrack” to assist breeders, seed producers, seed traders and authorities in ensuring traceability and notification of the OHM.

Example of visualization of the seed lot exchange and relation in the first version of OHMTrack.

OHMTrack is a tool that will guarantee the interoperability with other digital tools supporting OHM constitution, characterization and marketing such as:

  • SHiNeMaS, a digital tool for recording seed lots history, phenotyping and cultural practices, which will be adapted to support participatory breeding programs, including the constitution and development of OHM;
  • SeedLinked (, a user-friendly, interactive platform that enables simple, decentralized cultivar evaluation designs and incorporates real-time multi-actor feedback (from farmer to consumer) and allows for extensive and heterogeneous data inputs through smartphone;
  • European router database ( which provides up-to-date information on the availability of organic seeds, linked to national databases.

Thus, OHMTrack will serve as a digital tool for:

  • Support breeders, seed producers, seed traders and authorities in tracking OHM traceability;
  • Trace the seed lots exchange between different organizations;
  • Streamline the process of OHM notification.

The development of OHMTrack is currently underway, and an alpha-version was released in October 2023 only to project partners to be tested during 2024. The feedback collected from project partners will contribute to the refinement of the final version of the tool.

The progress of OHMTrack development was presented during the “OHM traceability workshops” (7 Jul and 14 Sep 2023) and during the LiveSeeding annual meeting in Poznan in the session ” Demonstration of OHMTrack (presentation and possibility to individually test the tool)”.

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