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LiveSeeding Team Training the Trainers

Jun 5, 2023

During the LiveSeeding lifespan, there will be a lot of different trainings for project stakeholders, such as training in organic breeding, training on cultivar testing, training on the production of high-quality organic seed, etc. In order to share with all the members of the LiveSeeding project bases to build training courses, Stéphanie Mothes and Stephanie Klaedtke from ITAB have prepared and animated a first webinar on the construction of a skill framework on March 13, 2023.

The design of vocational training is a long process that requires the completion of several steps. Indeed, vocational training aims at the acquisition of skills and not only knowledge, it aims at the ability to act in a situation. Therefore, in order to build vocational training, it becomes essential to be interested in work situations, it becomes essential to describe the work situation(s) in which we want our trainees to develop skills and to specify these skills. Designing a vocational training course, therefore, implies starting with the construction of a skills framework. Based on this reference framework, the designers will then produce a learning path specifying the pedagogical objectives, the learning activities, and the training resources.

This webinar was a great success: it gathered 27 participants in total, and the replay is available on YouTube on this link.  Another webinar will soon be scheduled as a follow-up to the first one: it will deal with the design of a learning path, the choice of relevant learning activities, and the variety of training resources that can be produced, both for distance and face-to-face learning.

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