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LiveSeeding project presented to the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia

Jul 14, 2023

On July 5th, LiveSeeding partner, the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS), hosted a Field Day at their Department, Infrastructure Centre in Jablje.

The event drew more than 40 attendees, the majority of whom were members of the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, including institutes from Kranj, Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Maribor, Celje, and Nova Gorica. Participants from the Administration for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector, and Plant Protection were also present.

About the event

Firstly, Simon Ograjšek from the Crop Research Department at KIS presented the LiveSeeding project and the role of KIS in the project.

This was followed by a brief workshop on seed harvesting and drying, as well as available tools. The workshop was developed from training (Trainers’ Training on Seed Harvesting, Drying, and Storage) within the LiveSeeding project in Wageningen (NL).

Finally, the participants visited the organic field trials at Jablje where they discussed organic production, cover crops, and varieties suitable for organic production.

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