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LiveSeeding Annual Meeting gathered project partners in Poland

Oct 27, 2023

LiveSeeding consortium gathered for their second annual meeting in Poland from 25 to 28 September where they collaboratively planned and discussed activities for the 2nd project year.

Project meeting was full of fruitful discussions and experience sharing through 23 sessions of presentations & interactive workshops, covering technical and socio-economic elements of organic seed production, as well as policy developments and project Living Labs. Besides the indoor meeting, LiveSeeding team also had plenty of time for informal discussion and networking during three field visits and two social events.

Field visits

Field visits took place at PHR (Poznan Plant Breeders), where participants got the opportunity to see modern seed treatment and packaging line at the station Nagradowice. This was followed by visit to Jagrol Farm in Pierzchno where consortium saw an interesting presentation on the regenerative farming practices performed on a large commercial scale.

Last field visit was to the National Variety Office (COBORU) in Slupia Wielka, where information on COBORU main activities, on-station organic ecological variety testing, and development of the participatory on-farm cultivar trials in the organic sector in Poland were presented. Visit to COBORU was accompanied by a short journey to their Experimental Station and visit of the stations’ organic variety trials with maize and soybean, where LiveSeeding team did an exercise on evaluating soybean varieties using SeedLinked app.

Organic Seed Policy Conference

The meeting was wrapped up on Friday, September 29, by the Organic Seed Policy Conference “Market and policy developments of the organic seed sector in Poland”. Experts from Polish and European organizations, seed companies, and associations of organic producers participated in the conference to exchange their views on the status quo and framework of organic seed and plant breeding

LiveSeeding annual meeting was a great opportunity to reflect on the progress achieved during the first project year, and it served as an incubator for plenty of new ideas, plans and activities for the upcoming period!

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