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IPS Konzalting on the Conference “Croatian vegetables”

Jun 5, 2023

On December 1 of this year, IPS Konzalting participated at the 6th edition of the Conference “Croatian vegetables” held in Croatia.

At the seminar, IPS held a presentation entitled “LIVESEEDING project – Europe supports innovative farmers”, with the aim of familiarizing participants with the Horizon Europe program framework and key elements for the success of innovations in agriculture. The emphasis of the presentation was on the presentation of our LiveSeeding project, its objectives and expected results, as an innovative project of great importance for the development of the entire agricultural sector, especially the vegetable sector in Croatia.

The seminar “Croatian vegetables” is an assembly intended for vegetable producers to connect and organize them, exchanging knowledge about new technologies and innovations in production and modernizing vegetable production, and gathering vegetable growers and professionals in one place to discuss the pressing challenges of Croatian vegetable sector.

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