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Bringing Diversity Back to Our Food System: The 12th Let’s Liberate Diversity Forum

Nov 2, 2023

The annual Let’s Liberate Diversity (LLD) Forum, organized by the European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity! (EC-LLD!), has established itself as a cornerstone event for those passionate about seeds and agrobiodiversity. This 12th edition, hosted at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, in collaboration with the Irish Seed Savers Association (ISSA), was a remarkable convergence of knowledge, experience, and expertise. The edition was a significant moment for LiveSeeding and its partners. The platform proved to be highly effective in engaging a diverse audience through its series of workshops. Also, it enabled easy contribution to various work packages of the project.

What is EC-LLD!

EC-LLD! is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the dynamic management of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. As an influential platform, EC-LLD! serves as a unique space for the exchange of practices and information among farmers, seed savers, NGO members, and emerging small enterprises. It fosters local actions on agrobiodiversity and promotes participatory dialogues. Find more at

Since 2005, EC-LLD! has tirelessly championed the dynamic management of plant genetic resources to diversify our food systems and value chains. The 12th edition of the Let’s Liberate Diversity Forum, held from October 26th to 28th, brought together over 100 participants who shared a common vision of a diverse and resilient food system. Participants included farmers, breeders, scientists, civil society organizations, and citizens. The Forum was inaugurated by the Irish Pippa Hackett TD, Ministry of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine.

This year’s program

The program was rich and diverse, featuring 15 workshops and plenary sessions covering a wide array of topics. These included important issues surrounding policy and legislation, such as New Breeding Techniques (NBTs), Seed Marketing Reform, and Farmers’ Rights. Additionally, there were sessions dedicated to Culinary Breeding and Seed Quality:

  • A “Training of Trainers” session, focusing on capacity building targeted at seed legislation, particularly the implications of seed law marketing reform on the organic sector
  • Another training session centered on seed harvesting, drying, and storage, focusing on the basics of improving and maintaining vegetable seed quality
  • A side event focused on cities and local authorities, creating a space for collective reflection and discussion among municipal representatives and other stakeholders, with the goal was to assess existing Irish actions and generate concrete strategies and connections with ongoing processes at the local and global levels

Following the spirit of EC-LLD to serve as a platform to foster exchange and promote action, the forum went beyond intellectual exchanges. It provided ample opportunities for networking, collaboration, and relationship building. Attendees had the chance to connect during social dinners and explore firsthand the practical applications of dynamic seed management through field visits and seed exchange.

The 12th edition of the forum was another significant step toward cultivating a more diverse and resilient food system, and we look forward to the continued efforts and progress in this vital field.

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