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4th Workshop on Implementing Plant-Microbe Interactions in Plant Breeding

Jan 26, 2024

When & where
19 July 2024, UFT Tulln(close to Vienna, Austria)

Workshop direction
Pierre Hohmann (BonaPlanta)
Valentin Gfeller (FiBL)
Friederike Trognitz (AIT)
Monika Messmer (FiBL)


The workshop aims to establish and strengthen a network among plant breeders and scientists of different disciplines to explore the use of plant-microbe interactions in plant breeding.
Knowledge on plant genetic determinants for beneficial interactions with individual microbes (incl. biologicals) and entire communities is growing rapidly. However, the implementation of such knowledge in plant breeding is still in its infancy. Similarly, plant microbiome manipulation via the early introduction of biologicals (e.g. via seed treatments) offers great promise, but still suffers from variable outcomes.

The workshop is organised by the EUCARPIA Working Group on Plant-Microbe Interactions of the Section Organic and Low-Input Agriculture and will continue to discuss the potential and limitations of implementing its growing knowledge in plant breeding.

Keynote Speaker
Raffaella Balestrini (National Research Council, IT)
Title: Crop Breeding based on root traits and
associated microbes

Registration* – June 21

Abstract submission
To – May 17

*For workshop-only participants who do not attend miCROPe, please register by sending an email to
Abstract format: Title, author names, affiliations, abstract text (300 words max)

Flyer – 4th Workshop on Implementing Plant-Microbe Interactions in Plant Breeding

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